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Иногда мы гоняли по дорогам: Кози рулил, а я следил, чтобы нас не загребли копы. Однажды мы ехали...
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Hungry Daze

In a dark and sweaty room in '69 tables turning

Dancing girls, silly girls, all kinds of girls and it was loud

Tuning up to madness in the back room candles burning

Present the Stinking Hippy and throw the naked thunder to the crowd

In the Hungry Daze

The long and lonely highway drags along it's going nowhere

Sickness and disease and mad corruption

something's going wrong

The mountain's getting cold and lonely

the trees are bare

We all came out to Montreux

but that's another song

You've heard it all before

In hungry daze

Along the Mountain Road to do some drinking

and now we're mobile again

Different girls, laughing girls, forever girls

and it's so loud

The crew have lost again

they are beaten men

The winning team united

living for the crowd

These are the hungry daze
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