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Knocking At Your Back Door

Sweet Lucy was a dancer

But none of us would chance her

Because she was a Samurai

She made electric shadows

Beyond our fingertips

And none of us could reach that high

She came on like a teaser

I had to touch and please her

Enjoy a little paradise

The log was in my pocket

When Lucy met the Rockett

And she never knew the reason why

I can't deny it

With that smile on her face

It's not the kill

It's the thrill of the chase

Feel it coming

It's knocking at the door

You know it's no good running

It's not against the law

The point of no return

And now you know the score

And now you're learning

What's knockin' at your back door

Sweet Nancy was so fancy

To get into her pantry

Had to be the aristocracy

The members that she toyed with

At her city club

Were something in diplomacy

So we put her on the hit list

Of a common cunning linguist

A master of many tongues

And now she eases gently

From her Austin to her Bentley

Suddenly she feels so young


© Фан-сайт Ричи Блэкмора