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Само словосочетание "группа Rainbow" стало со временем синонимом понятия "проходной двор".
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Nobody's Home

Nothing I can do about it

Maybe I won't even try

Your will is determined to kill any

Reason of mine

I see you coming

With that look in your eye

You act like a king but you ain't got a


In your mind

And now there's nobody home

My belly is aching

Your image is blown

Your lights are burning bright

But Nobody's Home

You talk about love and affection

If only you could

You're full of pride but there's nothing


And you think you're so good

You know you got it coming to ya

All things return

You need me

It's not gonna be my concern

And now there's nobody home

Your message is changing

The children have grown

Your lights are burning bright

But nobody's home

I hear you crying

What can I say

You get what you give so

Forgive me as I turn away

Nobody's home

A legend is dying

The seeds have been sown

Your lights are burning bright

But Nobody's Home

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