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Not Responsible

Found some money in an old black jacket

I'm going out tonight, gonna find me a woman or two

I don't know how long it'll last

But I never regret the past

When I wake up tomorrow, I'll be looking around for you

I got no reason to be down at the station

I got no ticket, but I'm gonna take a fucking ride

Don't care where I go

I never seem to know

I never had a penny, but I never wondered why

Oh no, I never wondered why

If I'm cold I need some heat

If I'm hungry then I eat

I'm not responsible

I woke up this morning and I couldn't find my shoes

It's one long party and I haven't seen the sun for days

I'd take you out tonight, but I'm just a little light

So let's go out anyway, you'll be amazed

I take my woman to the palace dancing

I never coulda made it but the doorman is a friend of mine

So I raise a glass to you, the foot is on the other shoe

You can pay the bill and while you're at it pick up mine

Oh, no no, I don't mind

If it rains I stay inside

If I'm scared I run and hide

I'm not responsible, oh no.
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