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Ivory Tower

I stood upon the Ivory Tower

As far as I could see

The winds that grew from out of the trees were calling out to me

Curtains blew in the Ivory Tower

Willows start to bend

The ravens flew to escape the fury as the storm descends...

I followed fortune 'round the tower

Searching in vain

For through the mist 'round the old stone tower I only found rain

And though the cold, cold Ivory Tower was stony through and through

I laid and dreamed on a featherbed, my dream was of you

My dream was of you...

All time waiting

As the sun doth set in the haze

All time waiting

Every hour feels like a day...oh...

I feared not in the Ivory Tower

Imprisonment you'll find

Lies within your heart your soul, your spirit and your mind

It lies within your heart, your soul, your spirit and your mind...


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