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Gilded Cage

I walk alone, the night wears a shadow

Painted in silver, painted in gold

The moment ends in silence, then the moment grows old

And when she smiles, a thousand dreams surround her

Dress them in secrets no one can hold

The fire dies in the distance, as the embers grow cold

*Sing for me now...

All the world is a stage

Smile take a bow,

From your gilded cage...

Behind the glass, she's safe where no one can reach her

Roses with thorns

Just make her bleed

A fragile porcelain angel

Break so easily

The restless heart

Cries when no one is listening

She's waiting for someone

Waiting for you

To want, love and need her

To help her to make it through...

As the moment grows old

In her Gilded Cage...

© Фан-сайт Ричи Блэкмора