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Written In The Stars

Once written in the stars

A pathway set in stone

A candle in the night

To guide your way back home

Then somewhere in your memory

Calling from afar It's daring you to see

What it is that's written in the stars...

You said that you would stay

And that you'd never leave

I gave you all I had

When I chose to believe

Love like magic

Casts a spell

Sometimes leaving scars

I guess it's just as well

Not to know what's written in the stars

Still written in the stars

And written in your eyes

The prophecy fulfills

The dream that never dies

A shooting star lights up the night

While the earth stands still

And somehow we lose sight

While following what's written in the stars...

I want to know what's written in the stars...

Please tell me what's written in the stars...


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