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Mitzi Dupree

flying to salt

lake city

seats 3a and b

i was down and needed

a window

but in 3a sat mitzi dupree

she said hi i am mitzi

the queen of the ping pong

where you going boy

i said nowhere

she said i'm movng on

i thought what is this

i cannot resist

here she is

and i've always wanted a girl

with a name

a name like mitzi dupree

she said what do you do

i said i'm a singer in a band

she said ya i'm an entertainer

reached out and took my hand

she was going to a mining town

way up north to do her show

i said it must be cold up there

she said depends on who you know

oh that look in her eye

i can tell you no lies

i'm just a man

she made me feel like a king in my mind

i love you mitzi dupree

i said what is this queen of the ping pong business

she smiled what do you think

it has no connection with china

i said oow have another drink

well i knew right away

that i'd seen her act before

in a room behind a kitchen in bangkok

and three or four times more in singapore

she may not be the first

but i know she ain't the worst

she was mine but i ran out of time

i miss you i love you mitzi dupree

my darling mitzi dupree


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