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Иногда мы гоняли по дорогам: Кози рулил, а я следил, чтобы нас не загребли копы. Однажды мы ехали...
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Call Of The Wild

operator i'm looking for a girl

you've got to help me get through

i don't know much about her

so i'm relying on you

she got rhythm but no sense of timing

she likes living but she's got no


operator you've got to get me out of

this mess

let me tell you about her

she ain't got a face

she ain't got a name

she ain't got a leg to stand upon

she's out of touch

but not out of mind

and i've got to see again that gypsy


operator this is the call of the wild

she's a hitch hiker never gets a ride

but you can bet she's on time

she's always around but so hard to


she causes trouble she never takes


dirty mind a heart of gold

operator don't you put me on hold


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