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March The Heroes Home

I sing the praise of honored wars of glory and of kings

The bravery of soldiers, The joy that peace can bring

The captains on their way home, The ribbons on their chests

They've packed away the firearms the trumpets lay to rest...

They've taken in the battlefields with one last weary breath

And set their sights on something new while there's still something left

The poets and the dreamers thank the stars above

For leaving hatred in the dust and bringing back the love...

Over land and over sea

March The Heroes Home

For the faithful, for the free

March The Heroes Home

We'll be waiting when you

March The Heroes Home

All the night and day through

March The Heroes Home...

The flowers laughing in the fields boast colors bright and new

A hint of freedom in the air, the chimes are ringing true

They're bringing in the New Year and ringing out the old

Beckoning the springtime though winter winds blow cold...


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