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Spirit Of The Sea

I took a walk along the shore

To clear my mind about the day,

I saw a man I'd seen before

As I approached, he slipped away...

I knew his face from years ago,

His smile stays with me ever more

His eyes, they guide me through the haze

And give me shelter from the storm...

As I walk I can feel him,

Always watching over me...

His voice surrounds me,

My Spirit of the Sea...

He went away so long ago,

On a maiden voyage far away

A young man then I did not know,

His life was taken that same day...

And it was almost like he knew

He wouldn't see me anymore

He looked so deeply in my eyes, and said

"Wait for me along the shore..."

And so I come most every day,

To watch the waves rise and fall,

And as I sit here on the sand,

This ocean makes me feel so small...

But I feel my lover by my side,

And he makes me follow my own heart

We'll be together some sweet day

When that day comes we'll never part...

When that day comes we'll never part...

Wait for me along the shore...


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