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На свет появился сын Ричи и Кэндис – Рори Дартаньян. Рори – второй ребенок пары. По словам Кэндис,...
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15.06.2013 - Национальный дворец искусств "Украина", Киев 

18.06.2013 - "Крокус Сити Холл", Москва 

20.06.2013 - БКЗ "Октябрьский", Санкт-Петербургa

Speed King

Good Golly, said little Miss Molly

When she was rockin' in the house of blue light

Tutti Frutti was oh so rooty

When she was rockin' to the east and west

Lucille was oh so real

When she didn't do her daddies will

Come on baby, drive me crazy--do it, do it

I'm a speed king you go to hear me sing

I'm a speed king see me fly

Saturday night and I just got paid

Gonna fool about ain't gonna save

Some people gonna rock some people gonna roll

Gonna have a party to save my soul

Hard headed woman and a soft hearted man

They been causing trouble since it all began

Take a little rice take a little beans

Gonna rock and roll down to New Orleans

[repeat first two stanzas in inverse order]
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