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Just Call My Name (I'll Be There)

So many nights I sat here waiting

There were times I couldn't go on

Still my heart was anticipating

It made me be strong

Made me hold on...

There were some calling me crazy

I've been accused of being na?ve

But I don't need no one to save me

Cause I got you, you make me believe

*I'll Be There in the night when you need me

Just call my name

I'll be there close your eyes and you'll see me

Just Call My Name

I don't need to know the answers

I don't want to understand

We were born to take the chances

I know the truth when you hold my hand...

I had waited a lifetime lost on the open sea

Praying for an angel to be sent to me

Now the night don't last forever

Every moment is a song

Cause we face the night together

Something so right could never be wrong

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