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I'm crying I'm dying

I can see what's wrong with me

It's in my head

I can see what's gonna be

As I lie in my bed

Man is not my brotherhood

I am of the dead

I died as I lived as I loved and was born

On some distant hill

The reasons to hide were the reasons I cried

Fools pass laughing still

There can be bad blood in all I can see

It's in my brain

You don't know the pain I feel

As I must live again

Rocks and stones can't bruise my soul but

Tears will leave a stain

They smile to themselves as they lay down my head

On some distant hill

The blind and the child sweep a tear from their eye

Fools smile as they kill

I got my own way to go and now I want

To take your minds

I believe if you could see

The blood between the lines

I believe that you could be

A better kind

Please lead the way so the unborn can play

On some greener hill

Laugh as the flames eat their burning remains

Fools die laughing still


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